Thruster Systems


World Leading Thruster Systems from Side-Power!

Buildt for outstanding performance, you can rely on your Side-Power bow thruster or stern thuster year after year. Boatbuilders all over the world are choosing Side-Power for reliability, ease of installation and unrivalled safety features. This commitment to quality has made the new range of Side-Power thrusters manufactured by Sleipner Motor the market leader. This is why leading boat builders over the world choose Side-Power - year after year!



The high performance of a Side-Power thruster is a result of our continuous efforts in product development and testing.

  • Propulsion technology know-how
  • 5 bladed composite propellers
  • Purpose-built high power electric motors
  • Improved waterflow from streamlined gearhouse design


Through our extensive experience and close co-operation with major boatbuilders we know how important a correct installation is for the thruster system. Therefore we have made all the preparations to ensure that it is easy to install a Side-Power correctly.

  • Compact-sized units
  • "Plug and go" electric wiring
  • Easily accessible battery cable terminals
  • Fast and safe propeller mounting with locknut
  • Professional and solid GRP stern thruster kits
  • Easy access zinc anodes


Side-Power thrusters include several features to ensure the safety of your boat and its passengers. Features that protect against technical and operator errors.

  • No overheating of electric motor
  • Mechanical protection of drive gear
  • Electronic protection against sudden change of drive direction
  • No accidental operation from child safe on/off and automatic deactivation
  • Selvslukkende reledeksler
  • IPC comes standard on all DC electric thrusters hence reducing solenoid wear and the risk of lock in.
  • Production, assebbly and quality control taking place in our ISO-certified factory in Fredrikstad, Norway
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Side-Power quality - the result of 30 years of evolution!

Side-Power SE series benefits

Electric motor developed

by Side-Power for maximum performance and efficiency in real life onboard conditions

Contactors developed

by Side-Power for extended main solenoid lifetime

Patented IPC system

monitoring solenoids to reduce chance of solenoid lock-in, stops thruster in case of malfunction

Automatic dealy

between change in drive direction to protect motor and gear-leg

Gear-leg galvanically

separated from electro motor to protect immersed parts from accidental short circuit or current leaks

Compact streamlined gear-leg

minimizes water resistance and reduces cavitation

Anodes outside

propellers for easy replacement

Composite Q-prop

propellers for maximum efficiency and minimal noise

CNC machined

and assembled to perfect tolerances

Hardened spiral

cut gears for extended lifetime, low noise and a more compact gear-leg design

Prefilled gear-leg

for easy installation and less maintenance. High quality oil for the longest possible lifetime

Closed solenoids

to prevent dust and pollution on contacts

Easy accessible

able power terminals

Thermal switch

prevents overheating


The difference is in the details!

Compact and modern style

Control panels with hiddden screw heads.


The round cut-out

Prefitted seal and easy front mount with hidden screws ensures fast and flawless installation.


Side-Power thrusters

Come standard with an integrated processor, protecting the unit against operator errors and technical problems.


Lightweight, sturdy and non-corrosive

Composite propellers are perfect for thrusters of all sizes.


Hardened spiral-cut gears

For extended lifetime, low noise and a more compact gearleg design.


Machined and assembled to perfect tolerances

Using high endd purpose made components ensures extended lifetime for professional use.


Side-Power developed electric motors

For maximum performance and efficiency in real-life onboard conditions. Details increasing safety and ease of installation is standard.


Child safe activation

Of the panels minimizes the risk of accidental or unintentional operation.


While other joysticks

Might appear similar, the unique Side-Power joysticks are made from fully UV protected silicon-based rubber to ensure long term reliability.


Side-Power anodes

are mounted outside of the propellers for easy access and replacement.

System overview

A complete system

There are several components in a complete system for your boat; besides the thrusters and tunnels (bow or stern or both) – you will need control cables, main switches – automatic or manual – fuse & fuse- holder, control panel(s) and main power cables, even a radio remote is a normal part of a thruster system today. To simplify installation and further increase the safety, we recommend to use the original Side-Power Automatic Main switch which also has a built in fuse reducing the number of necessary components. Where the Automatic Main switch is used, you need a 5 lead control cable between the panel and main switch, while only a 4 lead is needed to the thruster or if a manual or other auxiliary main switch and separate fuse is used.

Side-Power systemskisse analogt signal

The powerful electric motors used on the thrusters require a good electric power supply for safe operation and to achieve the desired power. Thereby, both the main power cable sizes as well as the available battery capacity is important. It is the actual delivered voltage at the thruster when it is running, after the voltage drop both in the batteries as well as through the cables, main switch and fuse, that decides the actual power of the electric motor and thereby the possible thrust. So, getting this right will be important for your product satisfaction. It is also important to remember that different types of batteries have different capabilities and specialties, and what is important for thrusters is the cranking capacity, the batteries ability to deliver a high current for a shorter period of time.

Plassering og installasjon

Fra vårt samarbeid med mange anerkjente båtbyggere, har vi høstet mye erfaring og utviklet produkteregenskaper som sikrer en enkel og korrekt thrusterinstallasjon.
  • Kompakte enheter
  • Hurtigkobling på alle kontrollkable
  • Lett tilgjengelig hovedstrømsterminaler på thruste
  • Lettplasserte manøverpaneler med enkel montering
  • Rask og sikker propellmontering med nylockmutter
  • Hekkthrustersatser i glassfiber/komposittplast
  • Lett tilgjengelige sinkanoder
  • Forfyllte tette girhus

Thruster sizing

In principle, any thruster give a certain effect on board, but for optimum maneuverability is important that the thruster is designed to provide sufficient thrust under all conditions boat used.

Today, most boats come with thrusters fitted standard from the factory. Mostly the factory mounted thrusters meet the requirements of most customers under normal conditions, but for some skippers, it may be wise to consider a more powerful thruster if you use the boat under more severe conditions than the average user. Most builders offer therefore thruster upgrade on customer request.

If you want to use the boat alone, a DC Speed Control system in combination with bow and stern thruster, and the unique Hold function, will provide a valuable assistance with the mooring.

Thruster power is determined mainly by boat porch and not by its weight, which is a general perception. When we know the boat's total wind area, the boat's pivot point and the location of the tunnel, we can calculate the wind force on the boat area and center point. Hence, we can calculate the amount of force needed to push the bow into the wind at a given wind speed.


With a 45 foot boat, there are four thrusters to choose from within what we designate as standard thrusters. If your boat has a small porch and just being used under good conditions, with little wind, you can choose SE80. If you need more thrust, without having to increase the tunnel diameter, are SE100 that option. If the boat can accommodate larger tunnel diameter can be increased tunnel diameter of 215mm or 250mm to find those best suited for your boat.


The two main factors to dimension one thruster is:

  • Boaters requirements for thrust
  • Boat size and hull type

Important: By increasing tunnel diameter, the thruster is more efficient and generates less noise.


Side-Power dimensions table


Thruster Model SE130/250T SE170/250TC
Thruster position A 21.2 kn 23.9 kn
Thruster position B 22.4 kn 25.2 kn

Side-Power dimensions example

The example above shows the different wind speeds that two different thruster installations can counter and the increased leverage gained when the thruster is positioned further forward.