Thrusters, AC Electric

Side-Power AC thruster systems

AC Thrusters are delivered complete with all main components for easy Plug & Play installation: Gear leg and prop, saddle, flexible coupling, AC motor, Variable Frequency Drive, control box, S-link™ cabling and proportional Joystick control. Each thruster has been configured according to the specific working conditions and specifications. No further setup of the VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) is required.

Side-Power SAC1000 AC thruster

The innovative S-link™ control system ensures fast and trouble-free installation and gives you the unique option to combine hydraulic and AC thrusters in a single control environment. All with variable speed control.

The SAC series is manufactured taking advantage of experiences gained through years of volume production, resulting in a very cost efficient, high-quality product. All AC components are selected from brand-name manufacturers ensuring the best quality and worldwide support.

The standard range is designed for 230V / 400V. Setup for alternative power supply specifications can be delivered on request.

Side-Power S-Link™

All Side-Power AC models use the S-link™ CAN-based control system with full intelligent communication between all units in the system, much like a computer network.

Low Harmonic VFD's

A system with a standard VFD will create a certain level of distortion to the AC network. The actual THD in a system will vary depending on other loads, available generator capacity, total generator capacity etc.

In addition to the standard VFD's, we can deliver low harmonic VFD's for installations with specific THD requirements. Side-Power system with a low harmonic VFD will reduce the harmonic distortion to less than 5% which gives the following advantages:

  • Keep the electrical network clean
  • Reduce the risk of disturbance
  • Prevent damage to other equipment
  • Prevent interference with communications equipment
  • Reduced need for oversizing of the generators

Available tunnel sizes

Diameter in mm • inches

Available tunnel sizes - Diameter in mm • inches