Thrusters, AC Electric

Side-Power AC thruster systems

AC Thrusters are delivered complete with all main components for easy Plug & Play installation: Gear leg and prop, saddle, flexible coupling, AC motor, Variable Frequency Drive, control box, S-link™ cabling and proportional Joystick control. Each thruster has been configured according to the specific working conditions and specifications. No further setup of the VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) is required.

Side-Power SAC1000 AC thruster

The innovative S-link™ control system ensures fast and trouble-free installation, and gives you the unique option to combine hydraulic and AC thrusters in a single control environment. All with variable speed control.

The SAC series is manufactured taking advantage of experiences gained through years of volume production, resulting in a very cost efficient, high quality product. All AC components are selected from brand name manufacturers ensuring the best quality and worldwide support.

Standard range is designed for 230V / 400V. Setup for alternative power supply specifications can be delivered on request.

Side-Power S-Link™

All Side-Power AC models use the S-link™ CAN-based control system with full intelligent communication between all units in the system, much like a computer network.

Low Harmonic VFD's

In addition to the standard VFD's, we can deliver low harmonic VFD's for installations with specific THD requirements. Side-Power system with a low harmonic VFD will reduce the harmonic distortion to less than 5% which gives the follow advantages:

  • Keep the electrical network clean
  • Reduce the risk of disturbance
  • Prevent damage to other equipment
  • Prevent interference with communications equipment
  • Reduced need for oversizing of the generators

Available tunnel sizes

Diameter in mm • inches

Available tunnel sizes - Diameter in mm • inches