Why Side-Power

Research & Development

In our focus to develop the best products for the marine market, we continuously invest to make all our products even better, especially in going further in integrating systems as well as making systems for larger yachts and commercial applications.

To ensure the best possible quality in product development, we have built a dedicated 58 ft test vessel with a top speed of 37 knots. The boat functions as floating lab, fully loaded with advanced sensors and logging facilities for data collection and analysis. During thousands of test hours, we have taken the time to learn about existing solutions and products to have the best possible background to design a even better product and to continuously improve our existing products.

Control Intelligence

Controller intelligence

An important difference between brands!
  • State of the art electronic controller, utilizing the latest developments in the fast moving world of electronics.
  • Color touch panel for easy use and control.
  • Continuous development of the best control software possible, cooperating with leading companies in control technologies.
  • Self adjusting – advanced algorithms – also “Any/No Speed” functions for stabilization at anchor.
  • Easy upgrade of software ensures future compatibility and improvements.
  • Reverse gear position input, but also other sensors to safeguard that fins are centred and locked immediately if the boat is starting to move backwards.
  • GPS speed input (no shaft sensor) helps control algorithms do the best possible job.
  • S-link integrated common intelligence with thruster systems and main hydraulics.

Key design features

Of Side-Power Fin Stabilizers:
  • Exceptionally low drag for fuel efficiency and use on high speed vessels
  • Compact installation measurements
  • Very quiet operation
  • Easy installation and set up procedures for the boat
  • Sturdy and reliable mechanical and hydraulic construction
  • Controller intelligence, an important difference between brands

World wide sales & service

Worldwide sales & service