Next generation external thrusters

Next generation external thrusters

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As the Side-Power engineering team has accumulated a vast amount of know-how about externally mounted thrusters over the years, this knowledge has now resulted in a brand new generation of external thrusters.

The new design concept have been developed to ensure previous key demands, such as:

  • Ease of installation with no GRP work necessary
  • Energy efficient and long run times
  • Versatile installation independent of hull material or shape
  • Available in PRO version with variable speed control

But this is where the similarities stop. The new generation have been improved in virtually every component and engineered for a more effective manufacturing process in order to reduce production cost and thereby prices. Further more, when used as stern thruster, these models will be the most compact ever - almost 20 % lower than the popular EX Compact.

So, if you could not fit a stern thruster before, it might be a good idea to check out our latest generation of external thrusters.

Side-Power - Features of next generation external thrusters

Available in four configurations

More details will become available at our web site closer to product launch, but we can already now reveal the two first thruster models which are close to production start. These models will offer 35 & 50 kg's of actual thrust at 10.5 V and can be delivered in four different configurations.

Side-Power SX140 standard thruster
1. Standard stern thruster
The most compact stern thruster on the market.
Side-Power SX140 with propeller protection grids
2. Stern thruster with propeller protection grids
An optimal solution ensuring people safety during water sport activities or for vessels used in waters with debris or drifting objects.
Side-Power SX140 with cowls
3. Stern thruster with cowls
Many vessels have a hull design or equipment on the transom of the boat that might disturb the water flow to and from a stern thruster, thus making it less efficient. With the adjustable cowls, water flow can be directed to be less disturbed, obtaining a higher level of efficiency or allow for a very shallow installation closer to the waterline.
Side-Power SX140 with hydrodynamical waterflow cover
4. In-flow configuration as bow or stern thruster
By adding a low drag cover, the new generation can be mounted under the hull in the water flow or low- and mid-speed vessels. The optimal design adds minimal drag and will in most installations not be noticeable. The in-flow configuration is perfect for boats where it is difficult to fit a tunnel thruster or for example as stern thruster for cruising sailboats.

Note: Information given is preliminary and may be subject to change upon product launch.