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Side-Power PROportional


A PROportional speed controlled thruster system allows for more precise handling of the boat in all conditions, applying only the necessary power needed to complete your maneuver confidently. By limiting the power under normal weather conditions, noise levels are significantly reduced.

The system also includes a practical HOLD-function in a twin thruster system. With a single press of a button, the bow and stern thruster will keep you alongside the docks - making single handed docking very easy indeed! Proportional thrusters are also the best choice for joystick interaction.

Side-Power S-link™


S-link™ is a CAN-based control system with full intelligent communication between all units in the system, much like a computer network.

  • Round, compact and waterproof connectors with unique keying and color coding to avoid faulty hookup
  • Unlimited number of commands or information transferred on a single cable
  • User feedback at panel
  • Intelligent troubleshooting

Side-Power Twin Counter-Rotating

Twin Counter-Rotating Propellers

Two counter-rotating propellers can give the most thrust at a good performance ratio in a minimal tunnel diameter. This system is used in our larger thrusters for maximum power. The TC models are the favourite thrusters among leading boatbuilders for their high-end yachts.

Side-Power Gravity Feed Lubrication

External oil tank for easy access

The thruster gearleg is filled with oil from a remote reservoir located above the waterline. This generates overpressure, making an effective seal against water intrusion in the gear leg.

  • Separate oil reservoir placed above the waterline
  • Allows easy access for oil changes
  • Having the advantage to be able to change oil in units used commercially, with hundreds of running hours per year
Light duty thrust up to (kg • lbs) 420 • 925
Heavy duty thrust up to (kg • lbs) 380 • 835
Typical boat size (ft • m) 75' - 110' • 22 - 35
Tunnel I.D. (mm • in) 386 • 15.2"
Propulsion system Twin Counter-Rotating
Hydraulic power up to (kW • hp) 31.8 • 42.6
Weight (kg • lbs) 51.8 • 114.2
Item Code SH420/386TC-xxx

Weight stated include thruster, props and bellhousing ONLY.

Weight of hydraulic motor (typical 25 - 40 kg) comes in addition.

Measurements Bow Thruster

Measurements Bow Thruster SH420/386TC
A (mm • in) 386 • 15.2"
B (mm • in) 292 • 11.5"
B max (mm • in) 372 • 14.65"
C min (mm • in) 380 • 15.0"
D (mm • in) 500 • 19.7"
D recommended (mm • in) 750 • 29.5"
E min (mm • in) 10 • 0.39"
E max (mm • in) 15 • 0.59"

Measurements Stern Thruster

Measurements Stern Thruster SH420/386TC
F (mm • in) 257 • 10.12"
G (mm • in) 540 • 21.25"
C min (mm • in) 380 • 15"
H max (mm • in) 54 • 2.13"
Tunnel length (mm • in) 550 • 21.65"
Stern thruster kit 90550
Cowls - short model -
Cowls - long model 90560
# Description Product
1 Propeller 50 1270**
2 Propeller key 50 1241
3 Propeller washer 50 1181
4 Locknut 50 1260
5 Anode 50 1180 A
6 Oil drain screw with gasket 50 1220
7 Gasket (between gearleg and tunnel) 50 1312
8 Gearleg bolt 50 1080
9 Complete gearleg 50 0600
10 O-ring seals in motor bracket 50 1340
11 Complete motor bracket 50 0500
12 Oil hose with hose clamps 20 0400
13 Oil container with bracket 20 0300
14 Complete flexible coupling 50 1450 HYD
15 Adaptor plate (U-motors only) 5021301
16 Hyd. Motor options:
16a U-26 72100/U-26
16b U-29 72100/U-29
16c U-33 72100/U-33
16d U-37 72100/U-37
16e BA 32 72100/BA 32
17 Hyd. Motor assembly options:
17a SH420 motor, U-26, complete, w/flex. Coupling 502126UL2
17b SH420 motor, U-29, complete, w/flex. Coupling 502129UL2
17c SH420 motor, U-33, complete, w/flex. Coupling 502133UL2
17d SH420 motor, U-37, complete, w/flex. Coupling 502137UL2
17e SH420 motor, BA 32, complete, w/flex. Coupling 502132UL

The installer alone has responsibility for the installation of the spare parts. Side-Power only warranty the spare parts supplied only.

The information given in the document was correct at the time it was published. However, Sleipner Motor AS can not accept liability for any inaccuracies or omissions it may contain. Continuous product improvement may change the product specifications without notice. Therefore, Sleipner Motor AS can not accept liability for any possible differences between product and document.

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Product specification sheet SH thrusters.pdf Product sheet English  Download
(INSTALLATION MANUAL) (SH) (420, 550).pdf Manual English  Download
(USER MANUAL) (SH).pdf Manual English  Download
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