EX35 EX Singel 12V thruster

EX35 EX Singel 12V thruster
25-35kg thrust, On/Off, I-box


EX Single is available in 4 different effect versions. Independently of the hull shape, propulsion and depth, EX Single fits on every boat with lengths from 6 to 15 m, for bow installation as well as stern installations.

For 24V models, we can offer a converter which can charge a 24V battery package from a 12V system.

Length: 55 cm; Ø: 16,5 cm, Weight: 19,5 kg

Model Effect (kW) Thrust (kg) Performance thrust* (Kg x 1.4) Voltage (V) Nom. current (A) Rec. Boat size (m)
EX35S 1.3 25 35 12 140 6 - 9
EX55S 1.8 40 56 12 187 8 - 11
EX75S 2.3 53 74 24 120 10 - 13
EX95S 3.0 67 94 24 175 12 - 15

* The experienced performance  can be as high as 1.4 times the actual thrust due to:

  • The installation position more towards the very bow of the boat ( 1 - 1.5 m ) the leverage increases by a minimum of 20%. (When used as bow thruster)
  • Long and small transverse tunnels reduce thrust, on an average length of 60 - 70 cm, around 20%.
  • Installation depth is 15-20cm (minimum) deeper under water (= no cavitation)

The total of these three main performance benefits results in a higher efficiency of an average 40% compared to conventional thrusters. It is important to notice this, when comparing to tunnel thrusters.

Side-Power EX series measurements

# Description Product
1 Propeller kit 50320
2 Anode kit 4 1190
3 Solenoid kit 41571124
4 iBox 102250-12V
5 Electronic Control box 6 1232 I
6 EX cable 6 1850
7 IPC interface cable 102252
8 End cap kit 137309
9 Seal kit EX 137318

The installer alone has responsibility for the installation of the spare parts. Side-Power only warranty the spare parts supplied only.

The information given in the document was correct at the time it was published. However, Sleipner Motor AS can not accept liability for any inaccuracies or omissions it may contain. Continuous product improvement may change the product specifications without notice. Therefore, Sleipner Motor AS can not accept liability for any possible differences between product and document.

File Type Language Download
Manual EX25-180 EN.pdf Manual English  Download
Product specification sheet_DC_thrusters.pdf Product sheet English  Download
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