Brushes SP30/SE30 *new*


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22 Variants For models
BRUSH-01K SP30, SE30
BRUSH-01R SE30, SE40
BRUSH-02R SE60 12V, SE80 12V
BRUSH-02S SP30, SP35, SP40
BRUSH-03K SP55 12V, SE60 12V
BRUSH-03R SE80 24V
BRUSH-03S SP55 12V/24V, SE60 12/24V
BRUSH-04K SP55 24V, SE60 24V
BRUSH-04S SP55 12/24V, SE60 12/24V
BRUSH-05K SP75 12V, SE80 12V
BRUSH-05S SP95 12V, SP125 12V, SE100 12V, SE130 12V
BRUSH-06K SP75 24V, SE80 24V
BRUSH-06S SP95 24V, SP125 24V, SE100 24V, SE130 24V
BRUSH-07K SP95 12V, SE100 12V
BRUSH-07S SP155, SE170
BRUSH-08K SP125 12V, SE130 12V
BRUSH-08S SP200, SP220TC, SP285
BRUSH-09K SP125 24V, SE130 24V
BRUSH-10K SP220, SP240, SE210
BRUSH-11K SP285 24V
BRUSH-12K SP35, SP40, SE40 X
BRUSH-13K SP95 24V, SE100 24V
BRUSH-14K SP155, SE150, SE170