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Side-Power PROportional


A DC Speed Control system contains three main elements - proportional control panels, a power control unit and a DC electric thruster - all tied together with the new S-link™ control system. The thrusters used in a speed control system are almost identical to the familiar SE range of DC thrusters, the only difference being the addition of a temperature sensor and a new electronic control box. All mechanical and main electric parts are from the well proven thruster range produced by Side-Power for many years.

All 12 & 24 volt DC electric thrusters produced by Side-Power can be enabled for DC Speed Control by authorized Side-Power service personnel, even the oldest models.

Side-Power S-link™


S-link™ is a CAN-based control system with full intelligent communication between all units in the system, much like a computer network.

  • Round, compact and waterproof connectors with unique keying and color coding to avoid faulty hookup
  • Unlimited number of commands or information transferred on a single cable
  • User feedback at panel
  • Intelligent troubleshooting

Side-Power Q-prop™


The new 5 blade special skew propellers are the result of over 2 years of development work and thousands of tests. They have been designed to reduce the noise level, while maintaining the exceptional efficiency of the old 4 blade Side-Power propellers. This goal was achieved, and we even chose to make them a little bit more aggressive on some models, increasing the thrust on some thrusters about 5%. Please see individual information on each new thruster for more details.

  • Noise reductions of up to 75% measured in controlled environments
  • The expected and tested normal noise reduction in average installations: 20-40%
  • Will be delivered on all Side-Power models except models with 300mm and 385mm tunnel diameter
  • Upgrade kits are available for most SP series thrusters with special adaptors

Side-Power Twin Counter-Rotating

Twin Counter-Rotating Propellers

Two counter-rotating propellers can give the most thrust at a good performance ratio in a minimal tunnel diameter. This system is used in our larger thrusters for maximum power. The TC models are the favourite thrusters among leading boatbuilders for their high-end yachts.

Side-Power Gravity Feed Lubrication

External oil tank for easy access

The thruster gearleg is filled with oil from a remote reservoir located above the waterline. This generates overpressure, making an effective seal against water intrusion in the gear leg.

  • Separate oil reservoir placed above the waterline
  • Allows easy access for oil changes
  • Having the advantage to be able to change oil in units used commercially, with hundreds of running hours per year
Light duty thrust up to (kg • lbs) 700 • 1543
Heavy duty thrust up to (kg • lbs) 700 • 1543
Typical boat size (ft • m) 95' - 145' • 29 - 44
Tunnel I.D. (mm • in) 412 • 16.2"
Propulsion system Twin Counter-Rotating
Hydraulic power up to (kW • hp) 43.4 • 58.2
Weight (kg • lbs) 70 • 154.3
Item Code SH700/412-xxx

Weight stated include thruster, props and bellhousing ONLY.

Weight of hydraulic motor (typical 25 - 40 kg) comes in addition.

Measurements Bow Thruster

Measurements Bow Thruster SH700/412
A (mm • in) 412 • 16.2"
B min (mm • in) 372 • 14.65"
B max (mm • in) 450 • 17.72"
C min (mm • in) 412 • 16.2"
D min (mm • in) 520 • 20.47"
D recommended (mm • in) 770 • 30.3"
E min (mm • in) 12 • 0.47"
E max (mm • in) 16 • 0.63"

Measurements Stern Thruster

Measurements Stern Thruster SH700/412
F (mm • in) 400 • 15.74"
G (mm • in) 535 • 21"
C min (mm • in) 620 • 24.4"
H max (mm • in) 140 • 5.51"
Tunnel length (mm • in) 700 • 27.55"
Stern thruster kit -
Cowls - short model -
Cowls - long model -
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