SX50/140 - 12V -50mm w/Controller & POD

SX50/140 - 12V -50mm w/Controller & POD
=< 50 mm hull Thickness


The next generation external thrusters for in water flow installation

Our new external thrusters are the most compact external thrusters in the world and allows for installation in boats that previously could not fit a thruster. 

By adding the Hydropod low drag cover, the new SX models can be mounted under the hull in the water flow for low- and mid-speed vessels as both bow and stern thruster.

Hydrodynamically optimized for minimum drag

A typical sail boat in the range of 32 – 38 feet will need a thrust equivalent of about 250 – 400 kgs from the main engine to reach a cruising speed of 7,5 knots. From advanced computer analysis, the typical added drag from the Hydropod at this speed will be less than 3kg!

There are many variables that will affect the actual added drag on a particular installation, but in general, unless used on a very light competition sailboat, the added drag will not be noticable.

  • Perfect for boats with a flat or shallow front keel as both bow and stern thruster
  • External pod thrusters can often be positioned further towards the bow than tunnel thrusters, giving significantly “more” thrust because of the weight arm principle
  • Strong and durable polyurethane cast with composite and stainless steel reinforcements
  • Deformation frontal zone reduces transition of forces to the hull and fasteners in case of impact
  • Optimal hydrodynamics with minimal drag

The new SX models are also available with proportional speed control for ultimate finger tip control.

Thrust at 12V/24V* (kg • lbs) 62 • 136
Thrust at 10.5V/21V* (kg • lbs) 50 • 110
Typical boat size (ft • m) 27' - 37' • 8 - 11
Tunnel inner diameter (mm • in) 140 • 5,5"
Propulsion Single
Power at 10.5V/21V* (kW * hp) 2,8 • 3,75
For DC system (V) 12
Weight (kg • lbs) 19,3 • 42,5
Min. battery capacity (CCA** 12/24V) 380
Signal type Analog

* All Side-Power thrusters gets their thrust rating from the actual performance you can expect in a boat - at the voltage a normal installation will provide at the thruster. We have choosen to use the net performance at 10.5V/21V, but we also list the effect at 12/24V for comparison.

** All battery CCA ratings are stated with the DIN rating, multiply by 1.9 to to get the SAE equivalent (at 0°F, ABYC standard).

Side-Power Intelligent Power Control

Intelligent Power Control

The Side Power unique thruster controller that intelligently protects the thruster from potential inherent problems in all high current applications as well as user faults. It includes several important safety features imperative in a product with such high power, run by DC electrics, as a thruster.

  • Provides delay between drive directions
  • Monitors solenoid functions to reduce the chance of solenoid lock-in
  • Will stop the thruster in case of a lockedin solenoid, without extra user action and even without controlling a main switch.

Side-Power Single Propeller

Single Propeller

A properly engineered single propeller system will be the most energy efficient thruster. Its compact design fits easily into narrow bows making it the perfect match for our smaller models. With more than 60.000 single propeller thrusters in use, the Sidepower single series system has proven its reliability.


Side-Power Sealed Drive

Sealed and lifetime lubricated gearleg

Sealed gearleg with long-life "mechanical" seal where highly polished ceramic and carbon surfaces form the only moving sealing surfaces, ensuring protection against damaging water intrusion into the gear leg. Pre-filled with special gear oil for lifetime lubrication.

  • "Mechanical" seals with surfaces of ceramic and carbon for ultimate security against water intrusion

Side-Power Galvanic Separation

Galvanic Separation

The gearhouse / drive legs of most Side-Power DC electric thrusters are now fully galvanically isolated / separated from the electric motor and motor bracket. This ensures that even if there is an accidental short circuit or a current leak for other reasons, the immersed parts are not effected as they could be with direct electric contact.

  • Achieved by composite bushings around the bolts and beneath the washers and a bushing in the motor bracket electrically isolating the drive housing from the motor bracket.
  • Available on DC electric models with flexible couplers only, where the flexible coupler provides galvanic separation of the motor and gearleg shaft.

Side-Power Q-prop™


The new 5 blade special skew propellers are the result of over 2 years of development work and thousands of tests. They have been designed to reduce the noise level, while maintaining the exceptional efficiency of the old 4 blade Side-Power propellers. This goal was achieved, and we even chose to make them a little bit more aggressive on some models, increasing the thrust on some thrusters about 5%. Please see individual information on each new thruster for more details.

  • Noise reductions of up to 75% measured in controlled environments
  • The expected and tested normal noise reduction in average installations: 20-40%
  • Will be delivered on all Side-Power models except models with 300 mm and 385 mm tunnel diameter
  • Upgrade kits are available for most SP series thrusters with special adaptors
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