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DC Speed Control

Total Control! With many boat customers now having had several boats with thrusters, their functional demand of their thruster system has increased so that many choose to upgrade to more powerful thrusters than standard and even request hydraulic thruster systems to ensure that run-time limitations in DC electric thrusters will not be a problem. However, very powerful single speed thrusters can, in light weather conditions, be a bit difficult to use as they push the boat too fast, and with the focus on living space in modern boats, often there just is no room for a hydraulic system.

The solution is to fit the new Side-Power DC Speed Controller which enables proportional speed control of a DC electric thruster. By also controlling the thruster’s power, you get even more precise handling of the boat in all conditions. By also using an upgraded thruster size, you will about never need full power, which means that the usable run time is extended a lot, at around 50% load you can expect close to continuous usage being possible, normally then limited to battery power.

NMMA Innovation Awards

DC Speed Control

DC Speed Control system got the "Innovation Award" during the Miami Boat Show 2011. Dette er bransjens egen pris og henger svært høyt blandt alle ustyrsprodusenter verden over.

S-link digital control system

The DC Speed Control system is controlled by S-link and monitors important parameters such as temperature in both controller and thruster as well as thruster voltage – this monitoring will also enable greatly simplified troubleshooting for most issues ever seen with thrusters as it shows both actual voltage on the thruster as well as current draw. The Proportional Joystick Control Panels features a Back-lit LCD display giving instant feedback to the user. System status, amount of thrust & direction of thrust as well as remaining run time and battery capacity will be shown in real time on the display. Important user warnings and alarms will be given to the user both on screen and via audible signals.



The extended runtime is put to good use in the Hold-function incorporated in the new panels. With a single press of a button, the bow and stern thrusters will keep you alongside the docks. The amount of thrust applied can be adjusted, and in addition the bow and stern thruster can be individually synchronized to get a balanced sideways motion - making single handed docking very easy indeed



is one of the main benefits from a speed control thruster. The thruster can be ran almost indefinetly if the power is kept below 50%.

Motorboat Yachting November 2010

...Until now the luxury of adjusting how much thrust you use to manoevre a big boat in or out of a tight spot has been the preserve of expensive and bulky hydraulic thruster systems. Sleipner’s new 12/24V system is a much more cost effective set-up and considerably more compact than a hydraulic system. It should also help resolve the issue of not being able to use an electronic thruster for long periods of time without overheating, because you‘ll rarely be using it on full power all the time...


...Using conventional DC thrusters, offering full power or nothing, we would have had to apply numerous bursts to keep it rotating. With the variable-speed system we were able to use a smaller amount of continous thrust. Not only was this more intuitive, but it made for a quieter, more relaxed manoeuvre. The more power you want, the more you push the twin paddle switches...


...This means that like a hydraulic system it also has a hold function, enabling you to set and leave the level of thrust. It’s a feature that short-handed skippers often rely on to pin their boats against the dock while they step off to secure the lines...


...The other big bonus is a remote control that allows you to operate both thrusters from wherever you chose, so you can take up station on the side deck and walk the boat in while keeping an eye on he gap..


Magnus Rassy CEO at Hallberg-Rassy

Chosen Side-Power retractable thrusters with proportional control for both bow and stern thrusters in their new HR412. He shares his experiences with the award-winning system.


Bernt EllingsenDelphia 47 owner

On his experiences with the unique Hold-function.


Sten Erik BakkerudBavaria Virtess 420 Fly owner

Norwegian captain Sten Erik Bakkerud own a Bavaria Virtess 420 Fly, equipped with a dual Side-Power PRO thruster installation with Hold-function. See the system in action and listen to the captains experience with proportional thrusters and the Hold-function.