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Side-Power video Hallberg Rassy Side-Power video - Delphia 47

Hallberg Rassy has choosen the PRO version of Side-Powers retractable thrusters, which gives them full proportional control of both bow and stern thruster, as well as the unique Hold-function, in their new HR412. Owner and mangagin director Magnus Rassy shares his experience with the award winning system in this video.

Boat owner Bent Ellngsen made a huge leap in boat size when he ordered a Delphia 47. The proportional thruster system was a big reason why he dared to he says in this video.

Side-Power video Fairline 78 Side-Power video Palmer Johnson 120

Boat owner John Maxey is a boat enthusiast well beoynd average and was among the first customers to choose the new Side-Power stabilizer system onboard his brand new Fairline Squadron 78.

Captain Richard Kennedy runs a beautiful Palmer Johnson 120 partly used for charter. When the owner wanted a better stabilization system, Captain Kennedy researched the market and finally choose the brand new Side-Power stabilizer system. Here are some of this thoughts.

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